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1.                   The Prime Minister has announced a moratorium on travel and any unnecessary activity beyond the bounds of home.  Reluctantly BCC therefore must impose a halt to any canoeing/kayaking activity and also a halt to the use of club facilities such as the clubhouse, parking and launching areas.

2.                   This document sets out the measures that need to be applied and some of the implications.

3.                   Above all else: eliminate cross infection to others through reduced contact and personal hygiene and stay informed.

4.                   Members and their guests are responsible for their own wellbeing and have a responsibility to others.  Whilst this policy statement sets out a framework, common sense plus local and national government policies must also be applied.  Maintenance of personal fitness assists wellbeing and paddling can contribute to physical and mental health. 

5.                   If individuals have Coronavirus symptoms or are exposed to others that are suffering, then avoid water sports and BCC activities.  Follow the national guidance for recovery and total isolation.

6.                   Clubhouse.  The Clubhouse cannot be kept virus free and must therefore close and not be used.  This impacts all organised activities, such as courses, gatherings in the social areas, or fitness activities.  Use of the changing rooms and toilets must stop.  Access to and use of paddling kit cannot be permitted.  Personal storage of boats can continue but access to these will be limited.  All locks will be changed and not published.  The BCC committee will consider requests for access on their merits but we hope that members will not request access.

7.                   Courses, Training and Pool.  All BCC courses, training and Pool evenings are suspended.

8.                   River Avon Paddling. There will be no paddling from BCC launching areas.

9.                   Trips.  Organised trips are suspended. 

10.                Peer Paddles.  No constraint can be applied to peer paddles but please honour the national lock-down/travel ban and to minimise the need for rescues.  Remember that NHS and rescue services are overstretched already.  Many car parks will be closed and toilet facilities may also be locked.

11.                Social Events.  All socials are suspended.

12.                Isolation.  Whilst “social isolation” deals with the physical separation of individuals let’s not forget the community that BCC tries to promote.  Keep in contact with one another especially those who live alone.

National Guidance

13.                British Canoeing offer the following guidance:

14.                National guidance can be found at:


15.                BCC does have limited funding reserves but these will quickly erode as income from courses and new members dries up.  Efforts will be made to honour payments made for courses to be used on dates following the lifting of restrictions.  It is hoped that membership fees will not be demanded back due to the withdrawal of access and activities.

16.                It is likely that BANES will be preoccupied with management of the Coronavirus activities and will not welcome approaches from BCC for money, services or wavers.  It is possible that some form of assistance could be offered which would help our future relations with them.  Offers or ideas for such assistance would be welcomed by the BCC committee.


17.                If anyone finds themselves to be overwhelmed, distressed or needing help in any way, please contact a member of the committee.

24 Mar 20
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