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What to wear on the water

You don't need to go out and buy lots of expensive kit to get started. However, you will need some basic kit to keep you warm and dry where possible. It's important to keep warm and dry where possible. It might be nice and sunny when you get to the clubhouse at 6pm but it will be different by the time we get off the water.

Below are some guidelines.

  • t-shirt but not cotton as this stays wet and gets cold. Polyester tops or thermal tops are good
  • fleeces for an extra layer
  • windproof top, old cag or similar, doesn't need to be waterproof
  • shorts or joggers, not jeans
  • wetsuit if you have one, not essential
  • footwear, not crocs or flip flops, they need to stay on your feet if you end up in the water
  • change of clothes, especially if you arrive in paddling kit, you need something dry and warm for afterwards, don't forget spare underwear
  • towel
  • bag for wet kit to go in, Ikea bags work well or the big Sports Direct bags

Once you get into the sport you can then think about buying specific kit and get ideas from the coaches about what to get.

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