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Also Join Canoe England

As a club, we recommend that you join the Canoe England. You'll get a good picture of what is going on in the sport, plus be able to add your weight to getting better access to rivers in England & get provided with the best insurance anywhere (for paddling, that is!).
More details at the Canoe England website

Insurance benefits and procedures

Third Party Liability (Perkins Slade) Third party insurance cover is a benefit of membership and applies to Individual members, resident in the UK, affiliated clubs and registered members of affiliated clubs resident in the UK. The limit of indemnity any one accident is to a maximum of £5,000,000 for a claim arising from loss, injury to, the death of or damage to the property of a third party. The insurance is valid for any canoeing or related activity worldwide.
Member to member liability is included as are members of the coaching service acting in an instructional capacity. This includes paid coaching work but only if this coaching takes place within the to members or clubs (see professional indemnity). Irresponsible or careless leadership will not invalidate the third party insurance. The law requires us to take reasonable care for the safety of others. The moral code clearly also implies this duty. In practical terms, if a large claim occurred, the renewal premium could be prohibitive. There is therefore a duty on all of us to ensure that it remains at modest cost to the Union for the benefit of the member who may become the genuine victim of circumstance. It is important that the policy is not invoked through irresponsibility.
Liability Insurance/Professional Indemnity (Perkins Slade) The Civil Liability policy wording has been amended to automatically include all registered coaches when providing tuition, whether for a fee or not, as an individual. Where any such coach is operating as a business by using a business or company name, separate insurance arrangements must be made.

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