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Club Trip - Symonds Yat

  • 24 Jun 2012
  • 8:15 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Symonds Yat East HR9 6JL
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Open to club members only.

Jon for more information.

An opportunity to brush up on your whitewater skills to prevent them getting a little rusty - ideal preparation for a trip to Cardiff White Water or learn some new skills.

The trip will be to Symonds Yat trip on Sunday 24th June, it probably won't be a long trip down the Wye we usually go for a warm up paddling 1/2 mile up the river to 'the rock' and then paddle down the rapids, followed by a walk back up to the top and repeat until exhausted!  This will give you loads of good practice missing rocks, wobbling, breaking in/out, ferry gliding and possibly some rescues for real. 
It is a really safe place to paddle as an introduction to white water, the rapids are about 100m long with loads of still eddies on either side and wide/shallow/slow moving area at the bottom should you get too hot and decide to swim.
It's still fun for those of you with ww experience, with games such as dodge the hired open boat, pick up the contents of the capsized hire boat, un-pin the hire boat etc.

I appreciate some of the current Intro to Paddlesports participants have a fair bit of pre-course experience, so providing we have enough experienced paddlers/coaches if your ITPs coach thinks your support strokes are good enough your welcome to join in.
Meet at the club for 08:30 and we should be back by 16:30/17:00 depending on fitness/enthusiasm/traffic levels.
Helpful if you can bring a car - preferable with roof rack, most people can fit 2 or 3 boats on their car so we are limited by the number of spare roof rack spaces

Additionally it's the usual things to bring-
  • Warm (when wet) clothes to paddle in
  • Shoes to paddle in and walk back up to top of rapids (rocks are sharp and very slippery)
  • Boat - one that is fairly short would be good especially if the top wave is any good and isn't too heavy to carry 100m back up the river
  • Paddle
  • Spraydeck
  • Helmet
  • Buoyancy Aid
  • A hot drink and food - although there are plenty of pubs
  • Water - not good to drink the river water if you are thirsty
  • A towel big enough to protect your modesty whilst changing in a car park
  • Depending on conditions sunblock for uncovered bits and a jacket/warm clothes/shorts to get changed into post paddle
  • Change for bridge/parking/launching see below-
Normally we share the cost of the fuel (it's between 52 and 65 miles depending on route and takes about 1:20), parking at Symonds Yat East- £4 for the car and £1.50 for each boat and £6 for the bridge trolls, so lots of change needed.  
07966 156267 or 01225 420362

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