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White Water Trip (Club Members)

  • 20 Oct 2019
  • 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Location to be confirmed - Devon or Wales
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We will be running a programme of white water trip from the 14th of October, on rivers in Devon/Wales. The location will be confirmed closer to the event and will depend on the rain. Too little or too much rain may result in trip being moved to different river or cancelled (some times at short notice).

If it is your first season get on the river in September or early October. Don’t put off your first ww trip until December, when it is -5C, a grade 3+ river is planned and you’re wearing a t-shirt.  Most white water trips won't have toilets or changing rooms.

As always we need loads of experienced paddlers/throw-lines/cakes and people willing to drive with roof racks to carry boats. If we only have two drivers and they can carry three boats each, the seventh person to turn up won't get to paddle. Martin may be able to use a minibus and then we can play 'boat off bingo'.

The organiser will confirm a start time but expect to meet at the club to leave by 08.00/08:30, as the winter progresses daylight hours are fewer and the trip leaders need to ensure we have a suitable margin of error to get everyone safely off the river before it gets dark. If you tend to spend 10 minutes deciding which paddle to take turn up early. Don't forget it is early and we have neighbours so keep the noise down.

On average most good rivers are about a 1:45 - 2:15 and 100 mile drive. Depending on paddlers energy levels or time spent faffing we may not be home much before 18:00.

Please register if you intend to come. It will log your experience, if car has boat carrying capability and emergency contact details that make it a little easier for the organisers.

What to bring - the usual stuff but not forgetting:
Warm paddling kit as it could be cold?
A cold/hot drink could be a must have - an unbreakable flask or drinks bottle (attached) in the back of your boat.
Food - high energy food is best (flapjacks/Mars bars/banana are good)
Dry warm clothes to get changed into post paddle.
Cash to cover your share of travel cost.
Getting there:
We share the cost of the fuel (200+ miles, so could be around £30-£50 per car), don't forget to bring cash with you. We'll may also have parking to pay for.

Organiser Martin or possibly Jon Humbug

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