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Sea: N Devon - Venue change

  • 22 Jun 2019
  • 10:00 AM
  • 23 Jun 2019
  • 5:00 PM
  • Padstow, N Cornwall
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 Leader: Phil 

 Trip level:

Introductory to Intermediate

The wind will be slightly too strong to be certain that we could have two days of enjoyable paddling.  Preferring to stay safe I have looked around at other areas.  Cardigan area was a strong contended with good weather but the range of experience experience suggested that going to the Ilfracombe area will be the most productive.  As most know, it is a gorgeous stretch of coast and offers everything that we would wish and is fairly sheltered as well.  Since we have week-end passes signed already we can make the most of it.  And so for the plan....

Campsite.  I've just spoken to Sunnymead Farm and they have space for us and indeed the farmer's wife might get her husband to mow a field just for us.  She has my name and Bath Canoe Club and so is prepared for us to descend tomorrow.  The tariff is just £15 per night.  Directions should be easy from EX34 8NZ, just 1km west from Mullacott Cross roundabout with signs on the right. 

Paddle Plan.  The tide will be ebbing throughout the day and so we may drop a car off in Lee Bay and then all wander off to Combe Martin.  We can launch around 10:00, high water so very little carry, play around in the bay, wander around to Ilfracombe for lunch and then enjoy the delights of the rock fields towards Lee Bay.  It's not a long distance, we'll paddle at a leisurely pace, and generally soak up the gloriousness.  No doubt the son of the devil, Mark, will want us to paddle stretches underwater or similar implausible exercises but let's humour him... :)

Pub.  The Fortescue Pub is about 1.5km but my preference is the Grampus in Lee which is where I hope to be tomorrow night, albeit with a short drive back up the hill.  The Grampus does get busy and if we decide it's good for Sat evening grub we'll book a table.

Confirmation. Because of the change of plan I would be grateful if you could all confirm that you've received this and happy to accept the change of plan.  Email or text will be fine.

We'll meet at my tent at Sat 09:00 to confirm details for the day.

You must satisfy yourself that this trip is suitable for you, that you are sufficiently experienced, able and willing to paddle at the advertised level. For detailed guidance, see trip categoristion. If in doubt, seek guidance from the advertised leader before registering.

You must register if you intend to come. Places are restricted in an effort to maintain an acceptable experience ratio amongst participants. If it's full, contact the trip leader to see whether any more places can be made available.

If you change your mind, that's okay! But please contact the trips officer as soon as you know so that someone else can register in your place.

You must bring suitable equipment or make arrangements for someone to bring it for you (eg. kayak). See what to bring.

You are advised to book a club boat, if you need one, please enter your boat of choice on the notice board in the BCC store..   A summary of the clubs Sea Kayaks is here

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