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  • Sea: Combe Martin(N Devon)

Sea: Combe Martin(N Devon)

  • 11 Aug 2018
  • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Combe Martin
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 Coord: Phil

 Paddle level:


[9 Aug 18] The conditions on the forecast have not improved over the past few days with only a question about when it will rain.  The wind strength is due to be 17 mph (F4) gusting 26 mph (F6).  Being southerly there will be a degree of protection afforded by the land but the F6 gusts, if caught in them, will be disruptive to say the least.  To paddle in these conditions you should be able to roll, certainly be confident rescuing and being rescued, have the strength, skill and rope to tow others as well as being confident paddling when the wind is trying to whip the paddle from you.  It is very clear that those with only 2* are not up to this standard.  Some 3* may not feel happy to attempt these conditions.

I still intend to travel down and paddle and am happy to be joined by others.  Be quite clear, my 4* qualification allows me to lead groups up to F4 and these conditions are beyond and therefore this is a peer paddle if others wish to join me.  Please can everyone reply and confirm what their plans are.

To improve your paddling you need to stretch yourself, try challenging conditions in a controlled environment with others who are able to help should mishaps happen.  This looks to be such an opportunity to improve skills, such as staying afloat!  I am changing the venue to our trusted Combe Martin with the aim of meeting at 10:00.  The water will be low and so trolleys will be a good idea.


You must satisfy yourself that this trip is suitable for you, that you are sufficiently experienced, able and willing to paddle at the advertised level. For detailed guidance, see trip categoristion. If in doubt, seek guidance from the advertised leader before registering.

You must register if you intend to come. Places are restricted in an effort to maintain an acceptable experience ratio amongst participants. If it's full, contact the trip leader to see whether any more places can be made available.

If you change your mind, that's okay! But please contact the trips officer as soon as you know so that someone else can register in your place.

You must bring suitable equipment or make arrangements for someone to bring it for you (eg. kayak). See what to bring.

You are advised to book a club boat, if you need one, by contacting the quartermaster(s).   

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